Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Treatment Options

This was an overwhelming process at first. I had to do my homework before I made a decision. There were several options, but I had to research each option and look at all pros and cons of each. I used many web sites, also talked to several people who went with different options and went to my local family physician to get her opinion as well. There are newer options that may not be posted below and every person diagnosed with Prostate Cancer should research and review ALL options available and pick an option that is best in your situation. In my next blog I will go over the option that I chose for my situation.

Here are some of the options available for the treatment of Prostate Cancer:

- SURGERY - Radical prostatectomy
Robotic prostatectomy
- Cryotherapy (freezing the prostate)
- External Beam Radiation Therapy
- Proton Beam Therapy
- PRAYER (This can be used with each option)

To see a primer on treatment options please go to the following link:

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