Tuesday, December 30, 2008

6 Month Update: Happy New Year!

I cannot believe its been six months since my surgery. It seems so long ago. Even though it was one of the darkest moments of my life when I found out about the cancer, it has really changed my life in such a positive way. First, I wouldn't have started this blog and met people from all over the world. I truly appreciate all the emails/posts of encouragement that I have received and also continue to pray for those who have just been diagnosed. You all have helped in my recovery along with great family support. I know I sound repetitive but I really do appreciate everyone. Second, I wouldn't have met the great folks at Athletes for a Cure (Prostate Cancer Foundation). Scott (Executive Director), Greta, Ryan and Bobbi have been so supportive in my efforts to do my first Triathlon. I was so inspired when we volunteered at the 1st annual Athletes for a Cure Triathlon at Walt Disney World in September that it changed my life and now I can run 3 miles now without a problem. Also, Santa brought me my new road bike so I could train for my first Triathlon in April. In fact the day after Christmas I ran 2.5 miles then biked for 4 miles. Before now, I had never ran more than 50 feet without passing out.

I will be registering my Triathlon to raise money for the Athletes for a Cure (Prostate Cancer Foundation) and post that information in the coming weeks. I would appreciate your support and look forward to completing my first Triathlon and raising money for the cause.

As far as my progress in 6 months, I am feeling great (as you can tell). I have minimal issues with incontinence which means I am 99.5% back to normal. My male functions continue to show signs of improvement which is good at the 6 month mark. I have so much more energy now and feel great about life! I really appreciate all my blessings. I am really looking forward to 2009 and continuing to raise awareness and money for Prostate Cancer and Prostate Cancer research.

Please keep those emails and posts coming!

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 15, 2008

2008 "The Year I Started Living"

I wanted to give you an update on my progress before the holidays. First, I am on cloud nine tonight because my trainer, Amber Toole and myself ran 3.4 miles (34:29) this evening. Prior to that the longest distance I have run in my training was 2.7 miles last week. This means I completed the first 5k+ of my life!!! If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that I would have ran that far I would have told you that you were crazy! My first official 5k race is February 1st at the Ocala Marathon - 5k. I am very excited to complete my first goal of finishing my first official 5k race. I am feeling really well and functions continue to make slight improvement and I have asked Santa for a new bike for Christmas that I will use to complete in my first Triathlon in April, I have tried my best to be a good boy this year!

To everyone following my progress or reading this for the first time, I wanted to wish you a Happy and Safe Holiday Season! Make sure you take the time out of the hustle and bustle to remember the real reason for Christmas. I pray that God will bless each of you who were just diagnosed with Prostate Cancer along with your family, those who are going through a treatment process, all the survivors, and all the families who have lost someone to this disease. I think about you often and promise that I will do all I can to help in this fight!

I am closing the book on 2008, what a year it was for me. I will always remember this season in my life. It was the year I thought my life was over, but it turned out to be the year I started living! I am looking forward to a GREAT 2009, lets go raise some money to fight this disease! Happy New Year!

Keep the Faith, Life is Good!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

5 Month Update "Hero's of Prostate Cancer"

Well the month of November has come to a close and its been 5 months since my surgery. It seems so long ago but I have definitely not forgotten. My family and writing this blog has been a huge source of strength for me. Receiving emails from people around the world, meeting the faces of Prostate Cancer and meeting hero's like Winter Vinecki and Team Winter who are doing such an incredible job raising money for research and creating awareness for this disease. Winter Vinecki (who I wrote about in my previous blogs) has won the 2008 Web MD Health Hero Award. That is an incredible honor and I wanted to congratulate her on the job she is doing, being a 9 year old and taking on this challenge is incredible. Michael her father has been in a tough battle with Prostate Cancer for a while now and I know Winter and the support of his wife and children along with the outpouring of support from people around the world have been a source of strength for him. I personally will continue to pray for him and his family as he continues forward. To read about "Michael's Journey" look at my blog list and click on the "Michael's Journey" link.

In the month of November I turned 42 and was especially thankful during the Thanksgiving holiday this year. We spent time with my family in the smoky mountains and I was thankful we could all be together for another year. I have a lot to be thankful for overall in my life, my incontinence in about 98% better now and I am showing encouraging signs of recovery of my male functions. I have to again stress patience here, the doctor says the average recovery is about 24 months to 48 months. Thank you all again for your support and "Keep the Faith" Life is Good!