Friday, June 27, 2008

The Countdown

Well, I wasn't going to post anything until after the surgery but I decided to blog the weeks events before my surgery on Monday. I was hoping to have an uneventful week and should have known that it would be one of the busiest weeks I have ever had in my lifetime! I had two major reviews at work with my VP and the Pre-Op appointment along with trying to finish everything including responding to 400 emails since I will be out for three weeks. The reviews during the week took a lot of my time and went really well, it was a little more stressful this week knowing I will be out a while. I have a great boss and enjoy my job very much so this helped. My pre-op appointment was on Tuesday and had to go and meet with the a lot of folks. They asked my family history, height, weight, blood pressure 3 times, listened to my chest, hit my chest, legs and arms, ran EKG for my heart, Chest x-ray, more history, insurance cards again, sign a liability form in every department (somehow the technology has to make this better), I saw one doctor, one physicians assistant, two nurse practioners, five technicians, one financial consultant, one radiology tech and a very nice shuttle driver who was telling people on the bus where to go and get a job at the hospital. I wish everyone in the world had his great attitude. Back for more, they took blood, more history and told me my pre-surgery instructions, which is a light breakfast on Sunday morning and then the remainder of the day is a liquid diet along with drinking something that will clean me out for surgery. I guess they want the surgeon to have a clean surface to work with (LOL). After a long week of long hours and anticipation its finally the weekend before my surgery. I plan on doing some relaxing things this weekend which include eating solid food on Saturday, going to the movies and NOT working around the house. I am sure my wife will love that one. My last event is going to church on Sunday and being thankful for all the blessings that I have in my life. I am totally ready to move forward. See you on the backside of the surgery.


Joey said...

Good luck with everything tomorrow, and enjoy your day today!

Keep us informed via short updates when you can. We'll be thinking about you!

Kathy said...

You are such an inspiration. I'm sure you have already helped more people than you know.