Monday, August 11, 2008

6 Week Update

Its been 6 weeks since my surgery and wanted to provide an update. I am doing great and am back in full swing at work. I am still walking 2-3 miles 5 times a week with no problems and plan on walking further in the coming weeks. I took a working vacation last week and went to Georgia to see family and drove the motor home over 800 miles without any issues. It was great seeing family we hadn't seen in a while. As far as my incontinence, I still have about 80% control and see a tiny improvement each week. I am only using 3 pads per day. I have an appointment with a local physical therapist next week to work on the pelvic floor muscles so I can make sure I am using the correct technique to strengthen my muscles. The healing process should speed up once I strengthen those muscles. For the male function I am ahead of schedule and am being patient with the healing process. I am feeling very good physically at this point and actually started back with our personal trainer, Amber Toole, today. It was great working out and I think Amber gave me a little break since it was the first time since my surgery. It was very encouraging to make it through the 1 hour workout without any issues. Amber is a great personal trainer and a great person and I really appreciated her support. (Check out her web site ). I am even considering training (with Ambers help) for next years "Athletes for a Cure Triathlon" at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Not sure if I have it in me, but I am motivated for the cause. Without my faith and my great support of my wife and family, I don't think I would be this far along in my recovery. Its great to get up every morning and hear the birds sing and see the sun shining. I have a lot to be thankful for!

Amber Toole and Me after the workout