Thursday, October 9, 2008

15 Week Update - The Checkups

Its hard to believe that next Monday it will be 15 weeks since my surgery. It has gone by so fast and some days it doesn't feel like it even happened. In my 14th week I had to follow-up doctor appointments. These are the first since I had the catheter removed 12 weeks ago. The first appointment was with my family physician. She is the PA (Physicians Assistant) in the office and is very smart. She went over the results of my blood test with me, which turned out to be great. My cholesterol, triglycerides numbers were are in the normal range and my health overall is better than it was before I had surgery. She even gave me permission to train for a 3k run and sprint triathlon. I left with a big smile on my face! My second appointment was with my surgeon, Dr. Parekettil. He was very pleased with my progress and gave me some new medications to try for my male functions while they are healing. He reminded me that it takes patience in this area as the healing process continues. My incontinence is just about gone (97% normal) and I am close to being back to normal. He also said my PSA was untraceable which was again confirmation that I am cancer-free. Thank God! Before I left he also gave me permission to train for my events as well and said I didn't have to come back and see him for 6 months. That was great news considering they usually make you come back every 3 months for the first year. I am now off to train for a 3k run and then on the the sprint triathlon. I have been training for a few weeks now and am getting stronger. I have really enjoyed the training and feel better physically than I have most of my life. My message to everyone is to never give up, have faith and be positive because we have so much to be thankful for. Life is Good!

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