Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let's run a MARATHON to STOMP out Prostate Cancer!

As you may have read in my last post I am doing a half-marathon in October and have also committed to doing my first marathon in January at the Disney Marathon in Orlando, FL. Before my cancer I wouldn't have ever even thought about doing a marathon, but cancer has changed my life and I want to continue to give back in some way. It seems a little scary to think about it, but I am committed to raising money for through Team Winter & Athletes for a Cure for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. I have helped raise over $6,000 in the past few years but want to raise the bar by raising $5,000 for my training and efforts in running this marathon. With your help we can do this together, so I will train and run the marathon if you will find it in your heart to make a small tax deductable donation to help me STOMP out Prostate Cancer one step at a time!

If you would like to make a donation please visit personal donation page at:

If you would like more information on what the Prostate Cancer Foundation is all about then visit there web site at www.pcf.org

You can follow my training progress on www.strands.com by clicking the "follow my training" button in the right column of my blog.

Thanks for all your support!

God Bless You!


Anonymous said...

Hey Darren,

Thanks for sharing your personal story and on-going fight against prostate cancer. Your daily blogs have been inspirational, and I hope that you have a successful surgery next week. Your life-threatening medical challenge is truly a rude awakening for Men of all ages. I’ll be cheering over here in California on the sidelines as you embark on your marathon quest. In support of this journey, I’m glad that I have the opportunity to make a donation to your cause and men affected by prostate cancer.

You are a force to be reckon. Tell Tyler to keep up with the positive attitude. I will be checking your blogs to see how you are doing.

All the best my friend,
Matt Mui

Ken Weiss said...

Hey Darren,

I am glad to hear and read that you are choosing life over being a victim.

Cancer can always be scary, as my mother, brother and aunt have battled cancer.

Having a positive attitude and a fighting spirit are what is needed to defeat cancer.

May God Be With You and stand by you on your fight to being cancer free.

All The Best,
Ken Weiss

Dr. Ordon plastic surgeon said...

That is a great thought.I think you need to come out on the open and express your love and care for this disease and make them feel at home and live a happy life and healthy life too.

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