Thursday, December 24, 2009

Post Surgery Update - "The Clamps"

Just wanted to give a quick update after my recent surgery on 12/10. The surgery was at the Shand's surgery center was an outpatient surgery to go into my urethra tube and remove was was thought to be a sucher that did not dissolve from my original prostatectomy. The surgery was a littl more involved as the doctor found that 2 plastic clamps used in separating the nerve bundles during my original surgery did not fall away like they were supposed to in post healing and actually were protruding into my urethra tube causing a restriction and also gathering particles from the urine as it passed. Once I was done with the surgery I found out I had to wear the catheter for 5 days instead of overnight. I was given an antibiotic and pain medicine and sent on my way. Its been 2 weeks since the surgery and I can tell a huge difference, the stream is much faster and no more sensitivity. All in all it was a success and I am ready for 2010!

Happy Holidays!


Chris Palazini said...

That's great news, but unfortunate that you had to go through that.

You had this early, wow! I though I was early at 47 (surgery 10/14/09).

Best to you on your continued success and recovery.

whidbeywoman said...

Brother in Christ, I happened across your blog. I will share a link to it on mine.My husband is fighting Colon Cancer. It is tough. Keep the fight!

Anonymous said...

It was certainly interesting for me to read that article. Thanks the author for it. I like such themes and anything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read more soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your story and I hope your recovery and educational efforts continue to go well. I just passed the 1 year anniversary of my prostatectomy. I was diagnosed at age 49 via a biopsy after higher a higher than expected psa reading.

I found your website by searching on my pathology report "PT2aNXMX." I too continue to pray for recovery from the side effects of surgery. Like yourself, I set some fitness goals for myself and just ran my first two 5ks in the Boston area. Thanks for lifting my spirits today with your positive outlook on life!

Bazza said...

I've just begun my journey at 47.

dojuma said...

Thanks for sharing this touching story