Monday, January 26, 2009

My First 5k Race "Dedicated to You"!

I am currently in a training class for work in Houston, TX and finishing my training for the race in the evenings. I am running my first official 5k race on Sunday (Feb 1st). If you have read my blog up until this point you will know that I have never ran an official race in my life. I just wanted everyone who has read my blog, emailed me and posted comments, whether you have been diagnosed, or had a loved one diagnosed with prostate cancer or had a close friend diagnosed, or lost someone to prostate cancer, I am dedicating my first race to you. I will be praying for each of you the morning of the race and run each step for each of you. Each of you are my source of inspiration and I love each of you and thank God that you came into my life. If I could step into your shoes to ease the pain I would. This is the only way I know to give back by running each step for you. Thank you again for all the inspiration you give me each day and hope that I can give each of you a glimmer of hope and help you realize that life is too short and you have to cherish every second you have on this earth. I am living life without boundaries and it is so liberating! Stay tuned for my next post next week along with pictures and hopefully a video. Take care and I will see you on the back side of my first official 5k race! Life is Good!

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