Friday, November 21, 2008

My Training Milestone

I just had to post a training milestone that I have never accomplished in my life. If you have read through my blog you know that I am training for a 5k race in February, the first of my life, and also a sprint triathlon in the April time frame. I was inspired to do this to help in my healing and to also let others know that you can come through this and do anything you want to if you have a positive attitude. I have never been in good shape in fact I don't think I have even ran a mile since elementary school. Well this morning I ran 2 miles non stop in 24 minutes 40 seconds. I have been using the program "Couch to a 5k" to help get me to this point. Sorry for my excitement, but if you told me 20 weeks ago that I would have reached this milestone then I would have told you that you were crazy. Keep the faith, Life is Good!


Anonymous said...

Darren, Best of luck with your continued recover. My doctor gave me a routine PSA test five years ago at the age 41 to establish a base-line for future reference. I had no family history of prostate cancer. My PSA was 2.9 in May 2003 and rose to 3.0 in August 2003. My biopsy was positive in October 2003 and I had successful surgery in December 2003 and the age of 42 and have had an undetectable PSA for the last five years. Thanks for sharing your story.

Darren Ritch said...

Thanks for sharing your story, that is encouraging to hear that you have been cancer free for 5 years! Best of luck to you and thanks again for your comments! Our stories or very similar.

Anonymous said...


Well Done! I look forward to seeing you race in the Meek and Mighty. Take care.